Subject Re: Backing up (gbak) slows other operations
Author terriertech
Alan, there should not be a lot of garbage (at least none is created
intentionally). Doing a sweep only reduces the size of the file
minimally, which suggests to me that there is not much garbage to collect.

However, trying gbak without the garbage collection is certainly a
good suggestion and I will definitely try it... thanks for the advice!

The use is 24x7. It is not uniform throughout the day, things tend to
be quieter at night, which is why the backup is scheduled for 4 am...
that's as "low use" as it gets.

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> if there's a lot of garbage (created by your app or by design), and
you are
> backing up with garbage collection, then this will be CPU intensive.
> So you need to look at your app to see if you are creating unwanted
> amounts of garbage, and you need to gbak without collection.
> Is this 24x7 heavy use? or can you schedule gbaks for low use
periods? There
> are a couple of good gbak schedulers around.
> Alan