Subject RE: [firebird-support] Backing up (gbak) slows other operations
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi all, I have sites that are working with a datafile 24 hours/day.
> Backups are run using gbak via a windows scheduled task at 4 am.
> Users are complaining that the backup slows down their work to a
> crawl. The GDB file is about 1.5 GB, the GBK file is about 1.4 GB,
> and the backup takes ~10 min. The server has 1 GB of RAM.
> Any hints for improving the client speed during backup? I am going to
> try lowering the priority of the gbak script process, but I suspect
> that everything is farmed off to the server process so this won't make
> a difference.
> Thanks!
> Justin R

if there's a lot of garbage (created by your app or by design), and you are
backing up with garbage collection, then this will be CPU intensive.
So you need to look at your app to see if you are creating unwanted large
amounts of garbage, and you need to gbak without collection.
Is this 24x7 heavy use? or can you schedule gbaks for low use periods? There
are a couple of good gbak schedulers around.