Subject RE: [firebird-support] Cannot sot on column that does not exist - Interbase 5.6
Author Alan McDonald
> Good day All
> -=00-=-0=-0==-0
> We have a funny error happening lately at our clinets. Some
> random tables Primary key goes corrupt and we get
> the error Cannot sort on column that does not exist. If we do a
> select * from TABLE_A
> If we DELETE the Primary key and then RE-CREATE it.. ALL is
> FINE.. No problems anymore.. until next time..
> We kinda don't know where to start.. And want to know if somebody
> else has ever ran into this.
> Thanks
> Johannes Pretorius
> (Programeerings Departement- Promed)

have you done a simple backup and restore (instead of dropping recreating
PK)? you might find the error in your data that way. I second Adam's "weird
stuff" comment from my many years with 5.6. But a B/R cycle will either show
the problem or not - use verbose so you see were it sticks.