Subject Re: [firebird-support]GSEC and Classic?
Author Adam
--- In, "Jeff Roberts"
<jjrobert@l...> wrote:
> I had a similar problem on Windows 2003 Server today. I
> got "Unavailable database" for just about everything I tried. I
> happened onto this thread and tried adding localhost: anywhere I
> specified a path and it did indeed work.
> So...WHY??? What problem am I actually working around? This is
> only machine I've ever had to do this on.


You haven't really provided much information with respect to your
setup there, but my guess is that you are experiencing one of two

First possibility

You are attempting to connect to the database through two (or more)
different programs using a local connection.

If your connection string is not prefixed with the hostname, then
only a single application will be able to connect to Firebird at a
time. (iSQL and other db management tools also make connections to
the database).

As a rule, unless you know what you are doing, prefix the servername:
to the connection string, and you won't have these sorts of problems.

Second possibility

Terminal services can muck around with some of the paths, and even
mess up references to localhost, so use the computers name or IP
address to be sure.