Subject Re: recommended setup
Author Adam
--- In, "Albert" <albert@f...> wrote:
> We have a client that has acquired new database server dual
machines, and we
> will install Firebird 1.5 on them.
> They will have an average of 100-150 concurrent connections.
> What do you recommend, install firebird as Classic or Superserver?
> with dual processor support enabled)
> Thanks,
> Albert


I am assuming you are talking about a Windows breed of server.

SS won't be able to take advantage of the multiple CPUs. You will
need to set CPU Affinity to lock it to only use one of the CPUs.
(There may be some advantage in that another process that would have
been competing with FB for the CPU can now use a different one). If
you do not lock it to a single CPU, then you may experience slowness
if windows decides to jump FBServer from one CPU to the other.

CS on the other hand is able to use both CPUs, but does require more
resources because it can't share its cache the way SS can. Someone
here can advise you on sensible numbers for firebird.conf for your