Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: List connected users
Author David Johnson
On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 15:35 +0700, Cipto wrote:
> I think it is a important feature for Firebird because Oracle already have
> it through a system view (not only connected user but also the name of
> computer connected!!!). And perhaps this is not difficult for Firebird
> Developers to embeded this little feature in Firebird. Because for small
> database we don't need a middle tier.

Speaking as a fellow user, not having any more influence on the
direction that firebird production takes than you do, I have a couple of

One of the cool things about open-source software is this: If you see a
need for a facility that no one else wants to spend the time making, you
are free to implement it yourself and submit it to the project for
review and addition to the baseline.

Last time I saw this discussed, the consensus was that there were more
urgent needs than a facility to identify users logged in. However, if
you absolutely need it, I am sure that your code would be a welcome
addition to the product once it is production ready.

The facility must be coded to function the same in windoze and linux
environments, and with both classic and superserver models. This
facility is a moot point for the embedded engine, but it should still
follow the same rules in embedded as in superserver and classic.