Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird.log
Author Ann W. Harrison
Henner Kollmann wrote:
> Will this happen during the start of the transaction or later during the
> updates?

Deadlock and locking errors occur after a transaction has tried to
access data. I would have said update, or delete data, but someone has
just pointed out that you can get conflicts on inserts if you use table
level locking. Sigh. Don't use table level locking unless you need
absolutely serializable results and if you use it, reserve tables when
you start transactions, reserving them in the most exclusive mode the
transaction requires.

> We have the problem that the call to isc_start_multiple will hang
> for more than 2 min. After this period i try to close the connection from
> another thread but this needs more than 7 min.

Is it reproducible? In theory, there's nothing that should cause a
start multiple to hang, particularly on a single server. If some of the
transactions were remote, I'd be looking for server or communication