Subject Re: [firebird-support] Comparing two Sps
Author Ann W. Harrison
Didier Gasser-Morlay wrote:
> I need to .. compare 2 sps belonging to 2 databases ...
> 1) grab the stored procedure text, replace all tab, multiple spaces
> and line feeds by a single space for both SP source code and then do a
> simple compare
> 2) grab the BLR representation and compare both.

If the procedures are identical except for white space, then the BLR
will be identical, assuming both were compiled with the same version of
Firebird. Minor differences in blr (e.g. the order of items in a
message) do occur between different versions of Firebird and Interbase.

On the other hand, the BLR would also be identical if there were other
differences in the source - the names of variables, for example,
disappear, so changes in variable names would not be visible.