Subject How to use Unicode with Firebird???
Author kurei_spin
Hi! I'm having a little problem trying to use Unicode on Firebird
I'm trying to store in a Firebird 1.5 database words with japanese
characters. In order to visualize japanese characters i'm using
TntUnicode Controls (
comes with a tntDBEdit. I've created my FB Database with UNICODE_FSS
character set. I've created my table with the same character set. So
when I write the japanese characters everything is OK. When I post
registry the Text of TntDBEdit changes to "?". What am I doing wrong?

1) Is UNICODE_FSS the correct character set?
Ps.: I've tried SJIS_0208 and EUCJ_0208 too but still don't
2) What is the correct type of field to receive this characters?
Varchar or blob? I already tried both but still don't work.
3) What's the best acess component for using unicode? I'm using IBX
(IBDatabase + IBDataSet). I wonder if they can work with UNICODE...
Maybe not... In that case, what components should I use?

Thx for helping!