Subject Re: OT :: Win2003 SP1 and Delphi 7
Author Adam
> >Should we be disabling DEP for Firebird on win2003?
> Hey, don't shoot the messenger, Adam!

No shooting here, just an honest and serious question. Often OT posts
are off topic in the sense of a "Firebird Support" related question,
but are items that affect Firebird. For example someone discovering a
bug in IBX or the Firebird .NET or JDBC driver is not technically a
problem with Firebird, but may interest a large number of us.

Just so I understand the purpose of your post, DEP can cause issues
with the Delphi 7 IDE on the win 2003 platform, and that a pretty
simple (and logical) work around exists, but it doesn't affect us
unless we have a similar setup.

> I'm reporting what Ann observed
> **might** occur and how to work around it. The WebHub list members
> by
> nature have their servers open to the Web. Surfers who enter a
> WebHub site
> send a request to start an instance of a server-based application.
> The app
> itself controls session security, again, by the nature of WebHub. I
> could
> see how an all-stops DEP would be a showstopper and why Ann's
> workaround
> makes sense. I don't have Win2003 and, in any case, my web setup
> here is
> strictly an intranet.
> >With the exception of the Firebird control panel applet not
> working, we
> >have had no issues with running our (Delphi) product or Firebird on
> our 2003
> >hosted servers, so I am not too sure what you mean.
> I don't *mean* anything. The message was marked "OT" (= off-topic,
> not
> known as a Firebird issue...). This isn't a Microsoft or networking
> support list, yet some M$ or networking issues frequently play a
> part in
> making Firebird dysfunctional.

And to be fair, a large number of posts on this list are because
someone hasn't installed the NPTL build on their favoured breed of
*nix, or they have not given the firebird user adequate permissions to
its temp space, or to the fdb file itself, or they are using the wrong and they have to trick it to build it properly.

> >Apparently others have had issue with using "localhost", and others
> have
> >had issues with Shadowing, and others with the file system
> permissions
> >(the same sorts of problems you get with linux file system
> permissions).
> True. It struck me that this most recent localhost issue might be
> in some way to the installation of a M$ service pack, as occurred
with XP
> SP2 (?), where the capability for the loopback ports to be assigned to
> localhost was blocked off and required a patch from M$ to fix it.

Possible. I will let the group know if I encounter such an issue. My
XP system is 100% patched and Firebird happily chugs along. Then
again, I use a better firewall than the
poor-excuse-but-better-than-nothing that ships with XP, so possibly
some exceptions may need to be created in the default.

As for the recent localhost issue, he didn't have an entry for
localhost in his hosts file, so there is probably something deeper at
play, possibly something trying to hijack localhost (for whatever
reason), possibly something a bit more innocent. But I imagine if
localhost isn't in the hosts file, it will query the dns to try and
find it, so a connection may not be made to the machine he is expecting.