Subject Re: Anyone help me with a Delphi 7 & Firebird question?
Author Adam
>After executing the SQL, refer to
> the returned data via FieldByName or Fields.

Ah, that might be what he is asking about.

This hopefully works the same way as IBX here.

In the fields editor
Right click -> Add all fields will not pick up any fields

Just select New Field, set the Name to the same as the Output
parameter, and choose the correct type (integer or LargeInt depending
on your SP parameter). It will fill in the component name for you,
choose OK.

Then it is just a matter of checking the value

Result := qrySPNameOutputParameter1.Value;


Of course you don't really need to create the TField for it, you can
simply refer to it like the following

Result := qrySPName.FieldByName('OutputParameter1').AsInteger;


If you are happy to do it like that, then you don't need to manually
add the field.