Subject Re: [firebird-support] There must be a better way.
Author Fabrizio Lozada
Mmmm looks like a task for htdig://

--- Nigel Weeks <nweeks@...> escribió:

I'm putting a search facility on our intranet, and
I've hit a wall.
My current idea is:

A table of words, with an integer key
Create table tbl_words (
int_word integer not null primary key,
str_word varchar(100) not null unique

A table of word id's, linked to an address
Create table tbl_pageword (
int_page integer not null,
int_word integer not null,
str_href varchar(200) not null,
primary key(int_page, int_word, str_href)

The problem is, doing 'and' searches.

For example: find the pages that contain ALL THREE
TERMS 'beer',
'chocolate', '4WD'

Subselects are slower than I'd like, as a new word
lookup has to be done for
each word. For example:

Select str_href from tbl_pageword where
int_word in (select int_word from tbl_words where
str_word = 'beer')
AND int_word in (select int_word from tbl_words where
str_word =
AND int_word in (select int_word from tbl_words where
str_word = '4WD');

There has to be a better way. Any ideas? Even a
complete schema change is


Nigel Weeks
Tech Support & Systems Developer
71 - 75 Paterson Street
Tasmania 7250
Phone: 03 6336 7234

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