Subject Re: localhost connection is broken
Author Adam
--- In, "joseph_ceasar"
<joseph_ceasar@y...> wrote:
> I don't know what I did, but I managed to break the localhost
> connection. I am using FB1.52 and the localhost connection was fine
> until one day I could no longer connect to the local host in
> IBOCONSOLE. The error message that i get is:
> Cannot attach to services manager.
> Of course I worked around it by using a TCP/IP connection and using
> as the IP address. It would be nice to find out what I
> broke and how to fix it.
> I tried uninstalling and reinstalling FB but that did not help at all.
> Thank you for any help

Mentioning your operating system could probably help a little. I know
that running Terminal Services on win2003 can cause issues
with "localhost", I do not know if remote desktop and remote assistance
(being a cut down terminal server) suffers the same fate.

I would be running a ping to localhost to see what IP address it tries
to connect to. I doubt it is a firebird setting. It is far more likely
to be a network configuration issue. Again, assuming you are running
some breed of windows,

Have you (or another program) accidentally removed the line localhost

from C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Drivers\hosts
(or wherever it is installed)