Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird.log
Author Ann W. Harrison
Henner Kollmann wrote:
> What's the meaning of this log entry in the firebird.log:
> AAACHD111 (Server) Thu Sep 01 06:27:58 2005
> deadlock
The comment in the code says:

/* Case: lock manager detected a deadlock, probably caused by
locking the bdb's in an unfortunate order. Nothing we can
do about it, return the error, and log it to firebird.log. */

A bdb is a buffer descriptor block - the internal mechanism that tracks
pages in cache. In theory, the locking scheme should never produce a
deadlock and that code should never be executed. However, at some point
the theory was dropped (apparently) and an incorrect ordering slipped
in. There's been some work in the cache management - especially in Vulcan.