Subject Re: Select data from another database
Author m_formigoni
> There is no way to do this in SQL. But maybe you can do it using QLI.
> Take a look at this message (and the rest of the thread):
> Or maybe you're looking for replication, something that there should
> be plenty of messages discussing.

Actually it's not what I'm looking for, I want a way to SELECT data
from another database.

I'm thinking to have a database with the "important" data and another
containing the zip-codes wich in Brazil is very large (105MB). I'd
like to store in separated databases to ease the backup/restore and
due to the frequent updates in the zipcodes database.

So, in my application I'll be logged to the main database and when I
enter a zipcode I need to get the data (street, city, etc..) from the
zipcode database, actually I want to do a select with join using
tables from main database and zipcode database, understood?

Is there a way?