Subject Re: [firebird-support] On Update/Delete Cascade
Author Cipto
Yes, I know that.

Sorry for my poor english, but I will explain my question:
I have the master table (Table A), and 3 detail table (Table B,C,D). Each
detail table has a foreign key to the primary key of master table (Table A)
and have a cascade on update and delete.
If I change the primary key of table A, then Firebird will trigger the on
update trigger on table B,C, and D. The question is, which detail table
(B,C,D) will be execute first?? Is it one by one (example: first table B,
then table C and last table D) or Firebird will execute the 3 detail table
in the same time with separated thread?? or there is another mechanism that
Firebird will act to the update cascade action??


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From memory it uses the same mechanism as a trigger to implement the
on update and on delete behaviour. It fires when the update or delete
happens on the master record, but I am not quite sure of your question
about if it is doing it randomly? Perhaps you could explain what you
are trying to work out.