Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Converting Interbase Database to Firebird
Author Ann W. Harrison
Steve Harp wrote:
>>>I need to convert an Interbase v7.1 database to Firebird v1.52. I did
>>>a backup (gbak) of the IB database using IB and restored it using FB
>>>using the same user needed to run the application. Is there anything
>>>else I need to do?

Recognizing that this is a bit late, my suggestion would be to use the
gbak from Firebird to create that backup connecting through the
interbase engine. The Firebird gbak won't ask for any features it
doesn't understand, so it may not get some new InterBase features. Then
restore using the same gbak, but the Firebird engine. That is also the
procedure to use when changing versions of Firebird - particularly if
you need to go backward. Backup with the old (target) gbak and the
current (source) engine then restore with the old (target) gbak and engine.