Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: limbo transaction prevents user login
Author Ann W. Harrison
Guido Klapperich wrote:

> But now it has been the first, that a limbo transaction causes a serious
> problem. No user was able to log in to the database neither the user,
> who started the replication nor any other user. They all get the error:
> record from transaction 32141 is stuck in limbo.

You shouldn't get that error from a connection, because a connection
doesn't touch user data. Are you using an interface that might be
collecting (or storing?) data or metadata? It's vaguely possible, I
think, for a metadata operation in a failed cross-database transaction
to leave a system table record in limbo. But, as I said nothing in a
connect or start transaction touches tables that can have user updates.

I realize this is an old message - I've been off having fun - but I am
curious as to how this actually happened.