Subject Re: [firebird-support] UTC Time from server
Author Richard
Ivan Cruz wrote:
>>Does that mean that you *can't* get the server UTC time?
> No!!! I mean your server don't have a UTC time. UTC time (at last
> in the way I understand it) is Universal Cordinated Time and is similar
> to atomic time, except by a leap second added from time to time.
> The leap second is added to compesate small variations in earth
> rotation.
> Your server have a system time, calculated from the ticks generated
> by very imprecise hardware parts. To have your system time
> more or less syncronized to the UTC time, you will need a SNTP
> (Simple Network Time Protocol) client.
> Ivan.

Ah, I see.
Well, I am just trying to find out the UTC or GMT time of the server, so
that I can store all of my clients time as the servers system time so
that I can handle clients being in multiple time zones, but still get
them to update a central database with the database time as opposed to
the clients "local" time.
Any ideas how I would go about this?