Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: connect errno 111
Author Dennis McFall
Helen Borrie wrote:

>Classic needs to have the xinetd daemon running to make remote server
>connections. Doing ps -ax |grep xinetd will show you whether it is. If you
>don't see an entry containing fields like xinetd -stayalive -reuse...etc.
>then it's not running.
Then it's not running. Neither ps nor netstat indicate that it is
running. But:

(This is all immediately after installing the FirebirdCS rpm on Fedora
4, just today.)

1. The /etc/xinetd.d/firebird file exists (containing "service
2. The owner of the firebird directory and all of its contents,
including employee.fdb, is firebird (user).
3. I have the release notes open in front of me. The mystery is why
this, from page 54, seems not to be the case, this time:

"9. Starts the server/service. *Firebird* should *start* automatically
in runlevel 2, 3 or 5".

Neither immediately after the installation, nor after multiple reboots,
has the service/ daemon been running.

Dennis McFall