Subject Re: connect errno 111
Author Adam
--- In, Dennis McFall <dennis@a...>
> I have installed FB 1.5.2 on RH Fedora 4. With isql, I can connect
> employee.fdb, and do any DML I want, with this:
> CONNECT /opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb -user sysdba -password

This is a local connection. It does not even use TCP to connect this

> But if I try the following (again, with isql on the same machine
as the
> Firebird installation) , I get "INET/inet_error: connect errno 111"
> CONNECT -user
> -password abcd1234
> That _is_ the correct IP address.
> If I try to connect from another machine on the network (e.g. with
> IB_SQL), I get this:
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
> Unable to complete network request to host "".
> Failed to establish a connection.
> No connection could be made because the target machine actively
refused it..

You are now connecting via TCP. Active refusal means that you
probably have a firewall blocking the request. Your netstat shows
that the port is being listened to, but is anything actually getting
through to it?

> What would cause this situation, where isql on the server can
> as long as the path does not include the IP address?

Providing the IP address or host name or dns address etc of the
server with a : makes it use TCP to connect. Just giving a file path
to the database, it can simply use the file system and doesn't have
firewalls etc to muck it up.