Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Update with data FROM a table
Author Kjell Rilbe
m_formigoni wrote:

> --- In, Magnus Titho
> <magnus.titho@k...> wrote:
>>update table1 t1
>>set t1.field1 = (select t2.field1 from table2 t2 where =,
>>t1.field2 = (select t2.field2 from table2 t2 where =
> Yes, it works fine, but I'm looking for a way that I don't need to do
> "n" selects in the table2 (imagine updating 30 fields in table1 from
> table2, its costs goes very high).

What you want to do is not supported in Firebird, other than using the
SQL you've been given above or a stored procedure. Maybe in version 2
(which is in alpha 3)?

Btw, MS SQL Server and Access support it too, so it's not only Sybase.
But I'm pretty sure it's not supported in the SQL standard.

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