Subject Re: Converting Interbase Database to Firebird
Author Adam
> I need to convert an Interbase v7.1 database to Firebird v1.52. I
> a backup (gbak) of the IB database using IB and restored it using FB
> using the same user needed to run the application. Is there
> else I need to do?

The only things I can think of here are that IB 7 may contain
features not (yet) implemented in Firebird, and Firebird may contain
reserved words that IB 7 doesn't have reserved. Also I know that
Firebird rejects some queries that IB 6 used to "handle" because of

> Also, I'm having a problem with priviledge. I'm using IBExpert and
> can open the database connection with the user (say my_user) and
> at metadata and so forth. The problem is when I try to do a select.
> If I (select * from my_table) I get an error
> "This user does not have priviledge to perform this operation on
> object. No permission for read/select access to COLUMN
> However, if I take any table in IBExpert's Database Explorer and
> double click to display the Table dialog snd then select the grants
> tab, the user shows full (green dot) rights to everything.
> What am I missing here?

Users do not belong to the database in IB or FB. They belong to the
server. You will need to add those users to the Firebird server. I do
not know whether you can backup or copy the security database from IB
7 or whether it has changed structure, you will have to test that for
yourself. While the database does store which users and roles can
access which database objects, it does not contain the users
information itself.