Subject Re: Install problem on W2K Firebird while testing
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> So, back to your problem: I think perseverance and retesting are
> likely to be your best allies in finding out the conditions that
> caused your apparently unclean uninstall/install situation. I'm
> swapping installations around several servers regularly and never
> encounter these problems.

> Apart from all that, you've got me stumped.

I am stumped also and will have to retest some more.

The only way I could get back on track to SS was to use our install
based on 1.5.0. Worked like a charm and I am back to cooking. We have
not had a Classic install.

Will let y'all know what I find.

Thank you for your thorough analysis. It is going into our knowledge