Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: limbo transaction prevents user login
Author Alan McDonald
> I wasn't aware that my english is so bad :-)
> We use replication for more than three years, so we use 2 Phase Commit.
> I would estimate, that one of ten replications fails, because the
> connection gets interrupted. In that case the transaction in which the
> replication was running is in limbo state, because it neither could be
> commited nor rollbacked. So in the last years, we had a lot of limbo
> transactions, but they never had been a problem.
> But now it has been the first, that a limbo transaction causes a serious
> problem. No user was able to log in to the database neither the user,
> who started the replication nor any other user. They all get the error:
> record from transaction 32141 is stuck in limbo.
> Just to make it clear, I was able to solve the problem with gfix. But I
> don't know, why the limbo transaction prevents every user from log in to
> the database. That is my question and I hope, that someone can explain
> it to me.
> Regards
> Guido

I've been doing 2 phase commit over 2 DB's also.. since 1997. I have only
struck this problem once. I put it down to hardware. So I have to think
first of hardware in your position.
Dunno why it locks other users. Maybe Ann knows