Subject Re: Analyzing the top sql queries
Author Adam
--- In, "kapsee" <kapil.surlaker@g...>
> How do I see the top sql queries (by number of times calls, time
> on execution etc.) ?
> Thanks!

Firebird has no built in query performance logging (yet). If you have a
database tier, you could implement it there but obviously that would
not take into account the (hopefully minimal) impact of the data access

If you have a particular query you are interested in, you can use a
third party tool to measure preparation time (optimising), execution
time (the time it takes to do it) and fetch time (the time it takes to
return the recordset). I personally use IBPlanalyzer, there are others
that are built into various tools such as IBAdmin but I do not normally
worry too much about the additional details (page reads and writes).