Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem with UDF library => FB crashes
Author Pavel Menshchikov

y> The firebird.log contains:
y> --------------------------
y> DEMRN1145 (Server) Fri Aug 19 12:01:41 2005
y> DirectoryList: unknown parameter 'Full
y> C:\Programme\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\UDF\ProPXUDF.dll', defaulting to None

y> DEMRN1145 (Server) Fri Aug 19 12:03:18 2005
y> DirectoryList: unknown parameter 'Full UDF\ProPXUDF.dll', defaulting
y> to None

I suppose these messages tell you that your FB configuration file
contains the parameter defined in a wrong way (I guess 'UdfAccess').
Please refer to the comments in the configuration file to find out
what's wrong. I guess the problem is that you specify both 'Full'
access type and then (a list of) directories, which are not
compatible. You can combine 'Restrict' access type with a list of
directories (refer to default value).


y> I have turned my code upside down to find the error. Nothing. In
y> contrast, it seems my function returns ok and then Firebird crashes.

y> As because the code works fine on the vast majority of the systems, is
y> there perhaps something wrong with the FB installation on the systems
y> that failed? What should I be looking for?

y> Any help would be appreciated....

Could you post the (basic) source code of your UDF? And the UDF
declaration in your database?

Best regards,
Pavel Menshchikov