Subject Re: Tools for stand-alone databases
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 21-Aug-2005 00:26:37, Ken wrote:
> I am very new to Firebird (less than 4 days), but it seems
> incredibly difficult to find any documentation on how to do simple
> things, like format the connection string. Information is scattered
> all over the place, and I finally found most of my answers indirectly
> in newsgroup entries while researching other issues.


Do yourself a favor and go and buy 'The Firebird Book' by Helen Borrie.
It's the ultimate guide, and everything's in the one place. You'll find it
on Amazon and I've even seen it on the shelves of my local bookstore. Your
pain will likely either go away entirely, or subside to a level that will
allow you to achieve what you need. I've been where you are now, and I can
honestly say that without this book, its an uphill battle. But with the
information that Helen has covered (which she deserves a medal for, BTW),
you should be in a better position to learn how to get the most out of
Firebird for your project.


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