Subject Re: [firebird-support] Issues with .Net Data Provider
Author Aage Johansen
Ken & Deb Allen wrote:
> ...
> Second, I have completed some basic tests using SQLITE comparing it
> as much as possible with Firebird. It is not a completely fair
> comparison because I created and populated the SQLITE database from
> the command line tool and used a C#/.Net program for Firebird.
> However, the same schema and data was used in both cases.
> Populating the databases with 10,000,000 records: Firebird
> (almost 11 hours); SQLITE (about 2 hours)
> Size of resulting database: Firebird (1.6GB); SQLITE (960MB)

Are you using very large records and a small page size? This (combined
with some space reserved on each page) may result in a sparsely populated
Could you try to increase page size to 4KB or 8KB?

Aage J.