Subject Re: [firebird-support] Design advice
Author constantijnw
Helen Borrie wrote:

> >I'm developing a commercial application that uses Firebird. At the
> >moment I have all my queries coded in stored procedures.
> This is extremely unnecessary.
Helen, why do people buy your book? I think most do because you present
scattered knowledge about Firebird in a well thought over, structured
and consistent way. Also you clarify interdependencies between pieces of
knowledge. It makes your book more valuable than just a bunch of articles.
I prefer using stored procedures for accessing data just for the same
reason: well thought over, structured, consistent and thorough tested
mature code accessing data, instead of dynamic queries scattered all
over the place in all flavours imaginable.
At first I was also very annoyed about those dependencies, when changing
a table field for instance. But now I find it a big advantage that I can
have I clear picture of what my field change implies for the other logic