Subject Re: How to get field descriptors
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
select rf.rdb$field_name, f.field_type
from rdb$relation_fields rf
join rdb$fields f on f.field_name = rf.rdb$field_source
where rf.relation_name = <tablename>

The field type will be a number, and you have to find out yourself
what the number means. I think 14 is char and 37 varchar (or the other
way around).


--- In, WSandner@a... wrote:
> Hi
> In my VB application I need a query syntax to get column' name and '
> type of an existent but empty table.
> It is not a problem with tables not empty, because the information
> is included in the resultset. But from an empty table I get no
> resultset.
> Thanks
> Wolfgang