Subject Re: About update clause's time.
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

--- In, Yang Jin wrote:
> hello,
> I update 27,000 records in a table with 300,000 records.I use
> primary key as only where condition, the whole execute time almost
> 2mins.If I update all records, the time is almost 6m.
> The database is dialect 3,the page size is 16K,ODS is 10.1,
>Execute update clause in IBExpert, Firebird1.52 as service.
>I want to know if the time can short.I hoep result is less 30 sec.

How and how much do you update? If you prepare the update query once,
then in a loop set the parameters and execute, 27000 records in 2
minutes sounds slow - that is only 225 records per second. I would
expect it to be possible to improve this considerably.