Subject Re: How to INSERT from a TRIGGER into another database?
Author rekkod
Hi Milan

The only problem is that I can't send any data when I do a POST_EVENT.

I am using IBObjects IB_Events and I have to register a fix event-name.

I would like to log all changes in my production db into another
seperate logging database:


The external app will then receive the event and log the change that
occurred on FIELD1 in MY_TABLE in the log-database.

I can of course log the change in a LOG table in my production database
and when the external logging app receives the event LOG_DATA it will
rad the records in the LOG table in the prod. db and INSERT it into the
logging database and then delete it from the LOG table in the
production db..... but this will take a long time, and will also have
an a time-effect on my production database and production application.

Do you have any suggestions?