Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem with FB 1.5.2 Suse Linux 9.2
Author Lucas Franzen
Lucas Franzen schrieb:
> Hello,
> one of my customers installed the FB 1.5.2. (Classic server)
> Everything is working fine, but as soon as they try to run a
> metadata-update-script they get an ISC-error "335544721. Unable to
> complete network request to host <hostname>. Error reading data from the
> connection."
> But as I said: everything else (selects, insert, updates, etc.) from the
> programs itself is working fine, also the program that contains the
> script connects ok, it just refuses to do the update. Also trying to do
> a metadata alteration (from an admin form within my program) fails with
> the same error).
> Any hint on this?

And to answer my own question:
Before FB there was still IB5.6 installed. The admin at this site did
everything (including exchanging the client dlls).

But what he didn't do was doing a backup / restore....

After this everything's working fine.