Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Performance
Author Gustavo
Evidently I wasn't clear. My problem is not in a particular query or a particular process. In my application there are a lot of queries like the one of my example. Each one of them returns a diferent field value from a diferent table. So it's impossible to use only one parametrized query and change the parameter each time I use it.

The time of 2 seconds was not of a particular process. I mentioned it just to show the difference between the performance with dBase/BDE and with FireBird/IBX. I measured times in many processes (each of one involves 10 - 100 queries) and I compare the time between the two versions. What I wanted to show was that the version with FireBird/IBX takes the same time (or a bit more time) than the version with dBase/BDE to do every process of my application that I tested.

So, what I wanted to know is if there is something general I am doing wrong (I'm sure there is) which causes the bad performance. Perhaps is something related with the way I write my queries, or with the components, or with transactions... I don't know.

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De: Adam
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Asunto: [firebird-support] Re: Performance

> In the particular case of my example, Table1 has an index on
CODIGO. But this is only an example. In my application there are a
lot of queries like this and in almost every cases the WHERE clause
can use an index.
> The time of 2 seconds I mentioned in my message is not the time
of doing the query of my example. It´s the time of completing a
process which involves many queries like this.

OK, you were not very clear on this point before. The way you
explained it made it look like a simple single "select" statement of
one field was taking 2 seconds, but now if I understand you
correctly, the two seconds is how long it takes to run this query
many times.

> Adam: I don´t understand what you are saying with "I suspect
you are forcing Firebird to do a natural read which is the brunt of
the problem"

Remembering that we were all picturing a single query taking 2
seconds, the only explanation that made sense was if the field was
not indexed. I mentioned this because I also suggested another
problem in your Delphi code which forced the optimiser to check your
query each time, even though you were effectively just changing a
parameter, however this would only account for a wasted 10-100ms per
query, certainly nothing like 2 seconds.

Now we have a better understanding of the problem, can you give the
following information.

How many queries are being executed in the process that takes 2

Does your logic look something like

qrytbl1.sql.text := 'select id from table1';
while not qrytbl1.eof do
qrytbl2.sql.text := select id from table2 where table1id = ' + CHR
(39) + qrytbl1ID.Value + CHR(39);

If so, this a huge overhead, and easily fixed using a join operation.



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