Subject Re: Events and Firewall again
Author fabiano_bonin
--- In, Pavel Menshchikov
<mpn2001@y...> wrote:
> Hello Fabiano,
> f> - I set 'RemoteAuxPort' in my server to 3060.
> [snip]
> f> Looking to the captured traffic, i see no packet with source or
> f> destination port equal to 3060. I see a connection was made to port
> f> 3050 and another to port 32785.
> f> Is it expected?
> Did you restart your FB server after changing firebird.conf?

No, my server is a Classic Server. The connection to the database was
made after changing the 'RemoteAuxPort' parameter, what is enought to
have the config file read again.

I will move this topic to developers list, if nobody has done it yet.
News.atkin is off-line now.



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