Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux UDF's
Author David Johnson
On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 00:30 +0000, robertgilland wrote:
> I am a windows programmer,
> I haved compiled and working UDF's ( Delphi-Compiled )
> for windows systems.
> Our Administrator wants to put Firebird on Linux.
> Does anyone know how to compile pascal UDF's working on Windows
> to work on Linux?
> Regards,
> Robert.

I am guessing, but you have already visited ?

It appears that compiling with gpc would offer compatibility with gcc,
and firebird can be compiled under gcc. gpc appears to support Delphi
specific object language extensions, so if your UDF Pascal platforms is
Delphi, they UDF's still should compile well.

Good luck!