Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Events and Firewall again
Author John vd Waeter
> Looking to the captured traffic, i see no packet with source or
> destination port equal to 3060. I see a connection was made to port
> 3050 and another to port 32785.
> Is it expected?

Hi Fabiano,

I can confirm your findings. No matter what I tell the 1.5.2 CS FBServer
to use for a RemoteAuxPort, this portnumber doesn't show up in the
etherreal captures.

I can see my client connecting from port 1175 to 3050 on the server to
setup a databaseconnection and an request for being notified of events.
And when the event occurs, server sends a signal from destination port
24776 to client on port 1177... definitly NOT the portnumber that was
assigned to remoteAuxport.

In the process of setting up a connection and registering events, I cant
see anything that resembles the value of the remoteAuxport.

Documentation on how this process works is very poor... when googling,
almost the same text appears on all found pages... I'm not suggesting
they copy and paste, but I do not have the feeling that the authors of
those pages know what really happens... There doesn't seem to exist a
description of what actually happens.

And that is a real pitty, cause event-notification is such a nice
feature, one of the reasons to choose Firebird!

I hope someone can shine some clear light on this issue....