Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Altering view
Author Martijn Tonies
> > I need to alter view from my program, but I have a problem: there are
> > stored procedures that uses that view. It would not let me commit
> > transaction where I drop the view, even if I recreate it in the same
> > transaction. What should I do? Maybe in Firebird there is something
> > like "create or replace view"?
> >
> > TIA.
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> > Regards,
> > Dmitry
> Gotcha!
> Sorry Dmitry, there is no DDL in Firebird to modify a view, you are
> going to have to alter every stored procedure that relies on that
> view, and drop any view that relies on that view, then alter any
> stored procedure that in turn relies on that second view etc etc.
> Yes I have had a 700 line .sql script to add one line to a view.
> Apparently there is some voodoo you can do in the system tables to
> make the change, but I have no idea how that works.

Yes, there is. This is what Database Workbench does for you -- but
it's quite complicated and carefully researched.

Download the trial version from and change your
view as you like.

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