Subject Re: Events and Firewall again
Author fabiano_bonin
> However, the event notification is a separate connection, initiated
by the FB Server, going to your home computer at it's IP number
x.x.x.x, using port 3060. The firewall must be configured to allow
this connection to happen. So in the firewall rules must be a second
ruleset that allows DMZ --> INTERNET forwarding on Port 3060 from the
FB Server, and it could also force a destination of your home IP
number x.x.x.x. The should also be a SNAT (Source Network Address
translation) rule that manages the DMZ outgoing connections, so that
the DMZ Ip number z.z.z.z gets replaced by your office IP Number d.d.d.d.
> Without this the FB server will not be able to establish a
connection wiht your home computer. Do you have a firewall at home as

Yes, i have a firewall in my home, too. But, what i´m trying to say is
that nothing is happening on port 3060. My home computer CAN connect
to server, my home computer CAN open a second connection to listen for
events and it receives the events, but this second connection is
happening on a higher port (32000+). So, if my server is a DMZ, the
incoming event connection from my home computer to port 32000+ reachs
it. If it´s not a DMZ and my FW redirects the incoming traffic just on
port 3060 to the server, my server will not be reached because the
event connection is not happening on port 3060.

At least it is what Ethereal logs are showing. I can send them for you
if you want.