Subject Re: [firebird-support] Events and Firewall again
Author fabiano_bonin
Hi, Gary. Thanks for the answer.

I don't know if i understood what you wrote, but the fact is that the
only way in can make events to work in my scenario is making my server
a DMZ, but this way i have all its ports exposed.

At this moment, i'm connected to the server from my home with an
application that is listening to events, my IP is and
the server 'RemoteAuxPort' is set to 3060.

Look at this:

[root@linux1 firebird]# netstat -nap | grep
tcp 0 0
ESTABLISHED 28518/fb_inet_serve
tcp 0 0
ESTABLISHED 28518/fb_inet_serve

Why the second connetion is to the port 32784? Shouldn't it be 3060?