Subject Re: Events and Firewall again
Author fabiano_bonin
David, i'm glad you are concerned with my security, but what i really
need are simple answers to my questions:

"Do events work when the client is behind a NAT router and the server
is outside?"
a) yes
b) no

"When using events, is the server who starts the connection to the
client to pass the events?"
a) yes
b) no

I'm concerned about security problems when i expose my server in a
public network, but in my case my FW allows just the client network
router IP to access the port, so i have not a security hole.

But let's talk about secure solutions. I saw many people saying in
this list that zebedde should be used to improve FB's performance and
security. I see no way to use events with zebedee, since the server
will try to connect to the client (if i'm right in this point), and
the same problem i related with NAT will happen.