Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Is it safe to backup a database from another firebird server?
Author Alan McDonald
> Gbak can only backup local files, or use the Services API to backup
> a remote database. However, the backup will stay on the remote
> computer.

gbak will backup a remote database to a local file!
gbak -B -user "sysdba" -password "masterkey"
"server/port:drive:path:filename.fdb" "c:\filename.fbk"
will backup from the remote server over the wire to my local drive
This process does NOT, however, reduce the CPU activity at the server over
doing it locally. So I see no saving as far as you are trying to accomplish.

> Possible corruption is what can happen if you run a file copy or other
> applications that can lock (parts of) a datafile.
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