Subject Re: Firebird stops running, Error 193
Author mikcaau
--- In, Guido Klapperich
<guido.klapperich@t...> wrote:
> Until this afternoon FB worked without any problems. But at once the FB
> Server has been stopped and I saw, that the service is not running
> anymore. When I tried to start the service, I get the error:
> 'Could not start the Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance service on
> Local Computer'
> 'Error 193: 0xc1'
> I have uninstalled and reinstalled FB, but I always get the same error.
> Any ideas, what can cause the problem?
> Regards
> Guido

A quick google gave
Regarding the Error 193: 0xc1 check out;en-us;Q325680;en-us;Q812486