Subject Re: Path where database is located
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Genilton!

> Is there a SQL expression that get the database path? (something

I doubt it, and I don't think Firebird should allow such a query. Why?
Well, the client must know where to connect before issuing such a
statement, and it makes more sense to check client properties than
query the server (if someone wants to know my name, I normally tell
that myself, rather than phone my mother to tell him). It is even
recommended to use aliases and prevent users from connecting
otherwise. Often, only the database server have access to and know the
physical location of database files, whereas the clients only access
the alias. I you want to know the physical address given the alias,
you may of course bypass security by allowing access to the aliases.
conf file, but then you need to know the path to the root directory of