Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Running Firebird from a CD/DVD
Author George P Boutwell
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> I know you can put a database into "read only" mode using either a
> flag in gbak, or using gfix. This allows you to store the fdb on a
> read only media such as CD-ROM. (IB6 OPGuide p111). From memory though
> the server itself has to be on a writable media, so I don't think
> embedded would work on a CD-ROM (if the fbembedded.dll was on the CD),
> but I can't tell you where I found that out.
> I imagine that seek time is a lot slower on CDs than HDs, so that may
> or may not be an issue. I have done a proof of concept of a USB Key
> embedded install for our management which has some great potential,
> but have never had to worry about read only media.

I'm not sure how much of it applies to FB and what versions, but we where
able to run (more or less) a full IB6.5 & IB7 install from CD... I'd have
to dig into the code, it gets messy and hairy, but so far it has infact

The gross summary of what needs to be done:

1) DB itself needs to be marked read-only
2) Environment Variables for Temp Spaces and what not need to be set to an
R/W area (in our case we sent them to where ever TEMP environment pointed)
3) IB's User Database (isc4.gdb) had to be copied to TEMP as well
4) Needed to store any existing IB install's registry Information,
over-write it with our temporary server's information, then restore no
matter what (program exited it normally or severe failure)
5) Run IBServer as an application, checking to see if it was first running,
and if it was running if it was an appropriate version (had to support RO
gdb files), etc


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