Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: UDF: ib_util_malloc vs. malloc
Author Pavel Menshchikov
Hello Michael,

>> Probably, (in Windows FB version its name is ib_util.dll, I
>> don't know *nix name exactly)?

v> I did a locate on ib_util, and only got ib_util.h in the include
v> files. That only contains a forward declaration for ib_util_malloc.
v> Further, a strings in /usr/lib on *.a and *.so (strings *.a *.so |
v> grep ib_util) leads to nothing. What file should I be linking to?

Are you sure you have a complete FB installation? I don't think that
Windows installation pack contains ib_util.dll (which is in bin
subdirectory of FB root directory) and *nix one doesn't ( I

I have just a single Linux installation of FB now, which is not
here. Wait for Monday, and I suppose *nix-people will answer you in

Best regards,
Pavel Menshchikov