Subject Re: Need clarification on remote firebird connection
Author kj01135
Sorry if my previous posting are confusing.

What I have is a single client (using IBO) application connected to a
local firebird server and it will also connect to a remote firebird
server using TCP/IP to check other branch's stock, run queries etc. If
disconnection occured in the midway of data transfer from the remote
server, will the remote firebird server get stuck (i.e. keep sending
the remaining data)?

Do I need to do any database maintenance works on the remote server if
that occured?

I hope you can understand what i am trying to say. Sorry for my poor

Kenneth Man

> Is one client *application* connecting to two firebird servers at
> or
> Are two different applications on the same client *machine* each
> to a different server?
> It makes a difference to the answer to this question!
> ./heLen