Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird server manager for restricted user
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Henrique RennĂ³ de Azeredo Freitas wrote:

>i've installed firebird on a windows system using the
>administrator user and everything works fine, but when
>i log in on the system with a restricted user i can't
>access the options from the firebird server manager
>(firebird server control) located in the control
>panel, e.g. to start/stop the server. i've tried to
>add two services (firebird guardian and server both
>default instance) with the instsvc command using the
>administrator user this way: instsvc i -g -d -l user
>pass, what installed the services for the user i want
>and not localsystem but it didn't work because the
>options are still disabled in the firebird server
>manager . i've changed the permissions of the
>firebird's keys in the registry and of the firebird's
>directory in program files to full control for the
>restricted user and it didn't work too (it was what
>i've done with interbase and it's worked).
>i'd appreciate any answers. thanks!
>see ya!!!!

I think you will not control the services using an ordinary user, This
could be a problem if the users start and stops services, the person who
knows the services that can/can't run are the admin.

By the way, why do you need an ordinary user to start the FB server ?

Why don't you just configure the service to start automatically ?

see you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda.
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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