Subject Re: Files to include in installer
Author Adam
--- In, Mark Deibert
<mark.deibert@g...> wrote:
> When we build an "installer" to distribute our apps which use FB,
what files
> to we include? It's only a couple files right? Also, how do we
include the
> FB ODBC driver? My app uses ODBC to connect to the FB database.
> Thanks in advance for your replies :-)
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Is your application multi-user / client server, then you will probably
need to install the Firebird server. If your application is just a
single workstation with a single exe hitting the database, consider
using embedded which is significantly faster and a lot easier to deploy.

Most of our sites are installed by an implementation team, so our
installer just fires up the firebird installer if the Firebird
registry key doesn't exist, but some people need to integrate a bit
more tightly which is understandable

Check out the following link which contains some information that
might be of use.